week 2 thoughts

After reading “The Silent Film Returns — On Social Media” I couldn’t help but disagree and think of the craze apps like Vine and Musical.ly created. The quick 15 second videos created a new type of way content was consumed, in these 15 seconds we were able to receive jokes, news, pranks and this started a ton of peoples careers online. While I do enjoy a good gif and the article brings up a good point in discussing the break we need from the sound and the fact social media created “a new kind of variety show, where short, unrelated videos cascade down our feeds on after another,” is a very solid point when thinking about the way we react to things, especially apps like Twitter. Any viral post will have a ton of people posting GIFs, these short unrelated clips in response to something but on the other hand sites like NowThis, BuzzFeed, Tasty and RIOT have made it easy to consume information from breaking news to recipes we must try in under 2 minutes, some even under 30 seconds and I feel like that is what is really flourishing on social media.

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