week 4

When they discussed screening movies and inviting people they knew and complete strangers, that immediately made me think of when I discuss any type of relationship problems with my coworkers. I have one really close coworker who I talk to on a daily basis and have confided in her countless times and one time she really disliked a person I was seeing and when discussing problems with her about him she was already biased and so I would talk to other coworkers who I wasn’t as close with and I would get different perspectives on how to handle a situation.

The test screening chapter was interesting because it introduced this idea of also waiting a few days to react to a movie was something I never really thought about. That made me think of when people do one listen album reviews, this immediate reactions and how it ruins how I will now listen to an album because I am so quick to take a project for how it was presented and that’s it. Revisiting an album usually takes me months and my opinion of it completely changes.

The editing I chose to look at was “decisive editing” and I saw this while watching Parks and Recreation. Even watching it without sound I was able to tell what emotions Ben was feeling when speaking to Leslie about their relationship. I focused on his body language and how shrugged his shoulders were up till the moment he realized she was willing to risk her job just to be with him and his head props up. This is also comparable to his shrugged stance when Leslie was discussion the termination of their relationship.

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