truth vs reality

After watching Atlanta it reminded me of another show I used to watch during that time, Mr. Robot, I haven’t caught up with the third season but one of my favorite episodes was during season 2, episode 7. Elliot is our main character but he has proven to us that he is an unreliable character and since he mostly narrates the show we initially understand things through his perspective.


(*spoilers ahead*)

Long story short season 2 begins with Elliot telling us how he is now staying with mother and doing all of these things to keep him out of trouble. There is a constant visual continuity editing through seeing a progression of time; we see his day go by starting from the morning, him eating breakfast with a particular friend and then it continues on till he writes in his journal and we have an overhead shot of him sleeping. I focused on the episode where it is finally revealed that Elliot has actually been in jail the whole time and everything that we have perceived as truth has now been distorted and explained through the way they edit the final 10 minutes. I captioned each photo individually and explained the different editing. (I apologize for the bad quality did not know we couldn’t screenshot on Amazon Prime.)


Episode 7 has probably the best plot twist I have ever seen in any TV show. Beautifully edited to give us an understanding on the truth by contrasting what Elliot had been narrating to us and what was actually happening while using the 180-degree rule, establishing shots to see how the positioning of characters could have been perceived by Elliot’s ‘truth’ and actual reality and progression of time as we see him go by his daily tasks.

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