truth vs reality

After watching Atlanta it reminded me of another show I used to watch during that time, Mr. Robot, I haven’t caught up with the third season but one of my favorite episodes was during season 2, episode 7. Elliot is our main character but he has proven to us that he is an unreliable character and since he mostly narrates the show we initially understand things through his perspective.


(*spoilers ahead*)

Long story short season 2 begins with Elliot telling us how he is now staying with mother and doing all of these things to keep him out of trouble. There is a constant visual continuity editing through seeing a progression of time; we see his day go by starting from the morning, him eating breakfast with a particular friend and then it continues on till he writes in his journal and we have an overhead shot of him sleeping. I focused on the episode where it is finally revealed that Elliot has actually been in jail the whole time and everything that we have perceived as truth has now been distorted and explained through the way they edit the final 10 minutes. I captioned each photo individually and explained the different editing. (I apologize for the bad quality did not know we couldn’t screenshot on Amazon Prime.)


Episode 7 has probably the best plot twist I have ever seen in any TV show. Beautifully edited to give us an understanding on the truth by contrasting what Elliot had been narrating to us and what was actually happening while using the 180-degree rule, establishing shots to see how the positioning of characters could have been perceived by Elliot’s ‘truth’ and actual reality and progression of time as we see him go by his daily tasks.

b&h and chill

B&H is probably the coolest store I’ve every been to. While it is very anxiety filled and has everything I hate: crowds, tourists and loud chatter, going on a weekday afternoon isn’t too bad. Filled with everything one might need or not know they do, they now have emoji styled headphones, it is still great to know superstores like this haven’t lost out to Amazon or an online company. Sure they probably took a lot of smaller electronic stores out of business but to still be able to get this much foot traffic and employ a lot of people is impressive.

There’s a million signs all over the store and people are always ready to help. I managed to get through two floors without anybody stopping me which I was very please yet very surprised about. Maybe it was my confident strut or resting b*tch face that repelled people away from me but it was a win for me. I was super interested in this surveillance mannequin they had posted on the second floor.     

Being very weary of presence of Big Brother and overall fear of the government, this spooked me out! Not realizing it was covered in surveillance cameras I approached it very interested but pulled away quickly. With eyes everywhere I was visible and couldn’t escape its eyes. 



I went back down to the first floor and went through some of the mini studios for 360 images and thought 140$ was worth it. Remembering how my job takes photos and tries to use direct sunlight, I always felt it’d look better to have actual lights because the images and ingredients don’t pop out as much as I know they can. While it still gets the job done I feel like the investment might be worth it!



week 4

When they discussed screening movies and inviting people they knew and complete strangers, that immediately made me think of when I discuss any type of relationship problems with my coworkers. I have one really close coworker who I talk to on a daily basis and have confided in her countless times and one time she really disliked a person I was seeing and when discussing problems with her about him she was already biased and so I would talk to other coworkers who I wasn’t as close with and I would get different perspectives on how to handle a situation.

The test screening chapter was interesting because it introduced this idea of also waiting a few days to react to a movie was something I never really thought about. That made me think of when people do one listen album reviews, this immediate reactions and how it ruins how I will now listen to an album because I am so quick to take a project for how it was presented and that’s it. Revisiting an album usually takes me months and my opinion of it completely changes.

The editing I chose to look at was “decisive editing” and I saw this while watching Parks and Recreation. Even watching it without sound I was able to tell what emotions Ben was feeling when speaking to Leslie about their relationship. I focused on his body language and how shrugged his shoulders were up till the moment he realized she was willing to risk her job just to be with him and his head props up. This is also comparable to his shrugged stance when Leslie was discussion the termination of their relationship.

week 2 thoughts

After reading “The Silent Film Returns — On Social Media” I couldn’t help but disagree and think of the craze apps like Vine and created. The quick 15 second videos created a new type of way content was consumed, in these 15 seconds we were able to receive jokes, news, pranks and this started a ton of peoples careers online. While I do enjoy a good gif and the article brings up a good point in discussing the break we need from the sound and the fact social media created “a new kind of variety show, where short, unrelated videos cascade down our feeds on after another,” is a very solid point when thinking about the way we react to things, especially apps like Twitter. Any viral post will have a ton of people posting GIFs, these short unrelated clips in response to something but on the other hand sites like NowThis, BuzzFeed, Tasty and RIOT have made it easy to consume information from breaking news to recipes we must try in under 2 minutes, some even under 30 seconds and I feel like that is what is really flourishing on social media.